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When I was finishing college, all my friends were getting into regular jobs or trying for one. Though I was part of the crowd, I always felt that I was alone amongst them. My spirit was more inclined towards entrepreneurship and building something on my own. I graduated with a degree in computer engineering and since then it has been an uphill struggle for me in the business world, but worth every bit of it.


Like they say ’Fortune favors the brave’ it is the guys who take risks and start their own businesses, who achieve great success. Take for example the company ’Google’, well it is not a company anymore it has become a monolithic giant. But like every other business it has got its origins as a humble start-up, in fact it was a garage start-up. Two guys started the company out of the garage of a friend’s house in California. Of course, when they started it they did not go out with the idea of becoming the number one search engine in the world and becoming the conglomerate that they are now. But I am talking about their spirit for entrepreneurship and having the courage for taking the road less traveled.


Most of us are worried about job security and the comfort that a regular job with regular pay offers. Maybe we do have the idea of starting something on our own later, but later on in life, either because we get comfortable in our jobs or due to family commitments we just can’t take any more risks.


The spirit for entrepreneurship and having the courage for taking the road less traveled.

What Now?

As for me, like I had said earlier, after finishing my degree in Computer Engineering, I started out on my own. My initial ventures were not that much of a success but I learned the ropes quickly. Currently, my business is doing very well, although it is never going to reach the levels of a company like Google. It gives me great pleasure to see a business that I built on my own, however small it may be.

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