• Eating of baked products a necessary part of life that helps keep us healthy and helps sustain our bodies. Many of the baked foods that we eat require that they are cooked to make them palatable, but sometimes the way that we cook things on a regular basis can be dull and unexciting. You can bring life back to your baking and the products that you bake by starting a bakery recipe blog that can give you fresh ideas on how to prepare and cook your food in a manner that is different and often tastier than your typical way of cooking. This can be done by just requesting for recipes from online platforms and posting them on your blog site.

    What makes starting a bakery recipe blog useful is that many baking blogs feature a variety of recipes that can bring variation to the typical foods you eat. If you have ever heard your family groan about having to eat that kind of food again, it is the likely time to try new recipes. The typical blogger who creates and manages a baking recipe blog is quite often an average person just like you who wanted to try a new way to cook baked products and share his or her discoveries with anyone who was interested.

    Recipes are only one of the things that you can post on a baking recipe blog that can help you and other concerned people vary the way that you cook your food. Some baking recipe blogs provide information on different techniques to cooking the typical product that you make which can change the way you and your family enjoy your meal.

    New recipes and new baking techniques are not the only way that you can make variations to your seemingly boring baked products. Sometimes using the right combination of spices can make the difference in a baked product. You can post helpful advice about particular mix of elements that can turn end product into something bursting with flavor on a baking recipe blog. Typically, the advice given on baking blogs have been tried and tested so you can feel confident in giving them to those who may need it.

    You may be wondering what you will gain by starting such a blog and yet you not doing charity work. Worry not since having such a blog site will make more and more people visit your site to learn and get information. As a result, your site will gain more viewer resulting in increasing in google ranking which will attract investors to want to post adverts on your site. That is one of the monetary benefits you will have and finally, you will have a platform to give back or share your passion with the whole world.

    02 Aug
    02 Aug
  • Over the past three years, 100,000 people died due to illegal use of fire arms while about 200,000 people were injured. These websites main aim is to sensitize the public about gun killings and urge leaders to start initiatives that can stop these shootings. This brief overview looks into Top Gun Act and Awareness Blogs that are unique and well organized with strategies on how to stop gun shootings.

    · ITS Tactical- Also known as Imminent Threat Solutions is a unique blog that contains comprehensive solutions that can be applied in stopping illegal use of fire arms with solutions for common public, leaders and the police. The blog is well written and you will not feel like an outsider while reading it.

    · Joel Lambert- The blog was started in 2014 by Fellow frogman and Joel Lambert. Joel being a star of Discovery channel’s Lone, he shares his expertise on this incredible site. There is a lot of valuable information on this outstanding site.

    · Every day, No Days Off- This blog provides fire-arm related videos by Mike from ENDO. Mike presents the articles with a humorous view but without compromising on quality of content. It is one of the best fire arms blogs that everyone will find useful.

    · The Firearm Blog- This blog provides an in-depth look at guns, gear and ammo. The articles are written by different authors and one can see the different perspective held by each one of them. The blog also covers latest gun reviews as well as equipments.

    · NRA Blog- It is the official blog provided by the National Rifle Association. NRA Blog looks into upcoming events, national firearm-related news and announcements. You can find out about many upcoming competitions and exhibitions that familiarize the public on issues concerning guns in the blog.

    · The Truth About Guns- The Truth about Guns Blog was founded by Robert Farago in 2010. The blog explores morality, culture, practice, strategy, politics, business, funs and dangers of guns. It has facts about gun use and provides useful strategies that can be employed to curb illegal use of fire arms.

    · Guns.com- This is one of the best sources of firearm related information and stories. They have up-to-date information on current firearm employment strategies as well as other events happening in the field of guns.

    · Blue Sheepdog- Blue sheepdog is written by actual police and makes reference to protecting the general public. The blog contains valuable information that can be used by people training in the use of fire arms as well as gear reviews and how to stop shootings.

    · Amazon- This site does not specialize in fire arms but contains important information regarding guns that cannot be overlooked. You can learn about tactical gear, training aids and firearms training and the site provides top deals than other stores in addition to free shipping.

    · Pistol-Training- Pistol-Training Blog was written by Todd who has adequate experience training and making training shows. The blog can be used in teaching about pistol shooting both for competition purposes, for law enforcement and for self-defense. It provides shooting drills as well as exercises that are easy to follow.

    Make an informed decision to read these blogs and help fight against illegal fire arm use.

    21 Jun
    21 Jun
  • When you are on the internet and surfing the web one thing that is bound to pop up is blogs. Sometimes you might not even know they are blogs right away because of how professional they look online. Maybe you might have even thought about opening up a blog for yourself. When you are looking into opening a blog then you might also find that two of the most used blogs tend to be either Blogger or WordPress. Blogger and WordPress vary in a lot of ways. Google owns Blogger and both of them have disadvantages and advantages with them so it is important that you research and figure out what one is the best for you to have.

    Both Blogger and WordPress tend to be very easy to set up online. The one thing that sets Google apart from WordPress is that you can only use the software that comes with Google but this does make it easier to access some of the applications that Google has online. You can easily connect your blog to Google Chrome. However, Google is free and because it is free there are ads that pop up that you won’t be able to control. These ads can look unprofessional and you won’t have any say so in the matter because of it.

    WordPress is just as easy to use as Blogger. The main thing that people might find annoying with them is that they are always updating but yet at the same time that’s a good sign because it shows they are trying to stay on top of the game. However, you’ve just got to make sure that your WordPress blog is updated because you do have to update it mainly. They update a lot more then Google does. Often times you will not experience any kind of downtime when you are updating your blog but it’s also a good idea to back up your files just in case something goes on during the update though this does not happen often.

    Another advantage with WordPress is that it has open source software. This allows it to have tons of plug ins that will help make things much easier for you. In just a few minutes you have up the blog of your dreams because of the plug ins that they have to help you. Blogger has some templates that you can pick from but WordPress has a lot more than Blogger does.

    The templates with WordPress also tend to be very easy to install. If you do not like any of the templates that comes with WordPress then you can also look online and find another one that someone designed and install it on your site. WordPress also allows you to create the blog by using CSS and HTML. There are lots of tutorials online that can help you with understanding both of these things. You won’t be able to use those on the Blogger website.

    If you want to look very professional and possibly have a business website then you might want to consider WordPress. If you just want a simple blog to post from time to time and tight on money then Blogger might be the best selection for you. One great thing with WordPress is that you don’t have to worry about those ads and can put them there only if you want them and can decide what kind of ads go up on your website.

    Quite simply, both provide the basic needs of any blogger but once taken into account, one clearly outshines the other in terms of features and functionality. Just remember that WordPress has many awesome plugins, templates and other things that you might not find with Blogger.

    02 May
    02 May
  • Understanding how to setup a WordPress web journal is actually not as difficult as it may appear, the reality is that it is really fairly straightforward. I will incorporate all you have to think about how to setup a WordPress blog.

    Give us a chance to get straight into it…

    How to setup a WordPress blog detailed directions

    So now the extremely primary thing you have to get is certainly a domain name. There are various sites for you to purchase a domain name, however, I would recommend that you try GoDaddy.

    After that you absolutely require a website facilitating service, there are heaps of web facilitating companies available however I really advise Site5.com. They have got astounding every minute of every day help and backing in addition to the CPanel (control panel) is to a great degree easy to utilize.

    The accompanying step you should do is always set up the name servers. You are given these name servers from the web facilitating company.

    At that point you have to sign in into your CPanel, and then take a gander at Software and Services and tap on Fantastico De Luxe or Softaculus.

    You now should locate WordPress to one side and then click on it.

    After that you will have to choose New Installation.

    So now as this is the main site you are enlisting you have to see quite recently that website name exactly where it shows install on domain.

    You have to leave install in directory void if you don’t want it to appear similar to something like this…


    You now ought to sort in your own administrative name as well as password, you will want this specific details keeping in mind the end goal to sign into your dashboard. It is vital you bear in mind these login information.

    You can now modify the base configuration details that happen to be.

    • Admin nickname
    • Admin email
    • Site name
    • Depiction

    Take note: You may also modify this information when you sign into your admin dashboard.

    After you have completed all the details simply click Install WordPress.

    After that you’ll be taken to the accompanying page, then you have to just click Finish Installation.

    After that you’ll be gone to the last page; you will have the sign in details as well as your password. Make sure you keep these details since you will be requiring it to have the capacity to sign into the administrative area.

    12 Mar
    12 Mar
  • WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform, but can now be considered full content management system. You can even use this platform to setup your online store. In this article I will use a refrigerator ecommerce website to guide you through installation.

    Before starting, you need to install WordPress with your domain name on a hosting account. Make sure your name is relevant to your products. Make sure you have enough memory for PHP. Amount of memory needed depends on how many products you will start with.

    Difference between regular WordPress website and ecommerce website is in its content. Ecommerce has three extra components (listed products, shopping cart and checkout process) which you add in with plugin. Recommended one is WooCommerce as it is easy to use, versatile and SEO friendly. This plugin is also completely free.

    • To install your plugin navigate to WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins, then Add New Plugin. Choose WooCommerce from the list and activate. You will then be asked to install WooCommerce Pages. Those are pages like Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation, all of which you need.
    • Next you will see Credits page, and from here you can go into Settings.
    • Now you have to set up your permanent links, as WooCommerce needs a product archive. Open WordPress Dashboard, go to WooCommerce, then Settings and Products.
    • This webpage is automatically named Shop, and it is a standard WordPress post, that you can hide from public or leave visible. Once you’re selected “Shop” click the link to check your permanent links.You can leave your permalinks on default setting or you can customize them yourself.
    • This finalises your store set up.

    Before moving on, make sure your WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. You also want to choose something to represent your brand, for fridge selling online store I would go with light blue and white.

    Now go back to Dashboard, WooCommerce tab, Settings and then choose General. Your country will be set as United Kingdom, which means everything will be in metric system. Next you can customize buttons, and enable Lightbox. Lightbox is great for pictures of your products. Let’s say you’re selling cheap deep freezer. When someone is viewing in product page, Lightbox allows them to zoom into your picture without leave the page. Also make sure to check your image settings.

    Go back to Dashboard, WooCommerce and you will see System Status where you can see technical information.
    If you want to reset your store go to Tools. Only use this as a last resort because it will reset the entire store.

    WooCommerce also offers you a variety of extensions so make sure to check them out.

    Before you go public make sure to test your settings by creating a Test Product and then checking what it would look like to customers.
    And that’s it! You are now ready to sell that cheap deep freezer, or any  other product that you choose.

    03 Mar
    03 Mar

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